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Why naturopathic medicine?

You’re probably here right now because you’re ready to finally experience more energy, less stress, and a greater overall sense of peace and balance in your life. 

It’s likely the case that you’re struggling with one or more chronic health problems, and you’re looking for help, ideally using natural solutions that don’t have any side effects.

You Are In the Right Place

We have helped thousands of people just like you. In particular, our health clinic excels at:

  • Dramatically improving energy levels, mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Reducing food cravings, stress and mental restlessness
  • Helping you feel like your old self – more youthful, alive and joyful
  • Using natural, gentle techniques that help you heal from chronic health issues, often when other approaches have failed

Our Practitioners

Naturopathic Doctor Kennewick​

Dr. Hoan Chung is a family physician who specializes in metabolic diseases/weight loss, hormone balancing, digestive disorders, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Naturopathic Doctor Kennewick​

Dr. Christina Lee is a primary care provider who enjoys spending time with her patients and getting to know their personal health histories to discover the root causes of their symptoms.

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